Sunday, July 09, 2006

Maybe It's All Been Written...

I haven't been inspired to write anything lately on this blog. I guess it's because everything is as it should be or I am sitting in the calm of the storm. On the one hand, life's great as always. I went out on a boat yesterday and we sat around shooting it while we consumed copious amounts of lager. It was hotter than hell, like 104 degrees yesterday. We just floated on life jackets listening to Bob Marley, Social Distortion or whatever us popped up on my iPod. The DLO iPod transmitter is killer. Great for the boat, where you are out on the lake with barely any decent radio stations to pick up.

As far as the calm before the storm. Maybe it's because of all the changes around the house. We are in no way done moving, rearranging and re-storing all of our junk getting ready for this bundle of joy to come and waste all of our discretionary income. A bit of reality set in last night after the boat ride when I was seated on my friend's couch waiting for UFC 61 to start on PPV. All of these kids, running everywhere. There were about 5 ranging in ages 4, almost 3, just turned 2, a 8.5 month and a 7 month old kid. What a range! All these little people running everywhere. Well, the two young ones weren't up to running yet, they still just drooled everywhere but... kind of shocking. At least my friends could still hit it on a Saturday with some 12 packs and a boat.

I did attempt to "swing it" last Sunday as I mentioned a few posts down. I was stupid and used the driver. I also took a few swings off the fairway that were quite nice. I hadn't bothered to keep score, rather I was more in tuned to just swinging my clubs. I nailed one drive like 260 and I had an awesome 170 yard shot over water from the fairway, 4 ft to from the hole with my 5 ironwood. But mainly I just farted around on the golf cart, chasing down shanked balls, or balls that just dribbled 30 to 40 yards in front of me. I am thinking about getting a full set of iron woods 3 to pitching wedge and just not swinging so hard anymore. Couldn't get up on Monday to do anything last week. Maybe it was the back pain or my audacity to play golf with it. Pain management finally, finally, starts on Tuesday afternoon. We'll see.

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