Friday, July 28, 2006

Hell Just Froze... Seriously...

We are ALL DEAD.

I am a closet Metallica fan. I just love their old stuff. Many of the old classics like Master of Puppets and And Justice For All have been long gone. Broken, scratched and stolen. Maybe because the CD's made me angry or something, I don't know. Maybe it was that whole rebellious phase I went through in college. Or maybe it was the calming effect it left on the back of my neck, head and body after I rushed the stage around 5 years ago with my brother during "One". We were bad asses that one moment in time!!!

But dude... Lars Ulrich needs the money finally and I obliged. iTunes has the ENTIRE METALLICA CATALOG for sale. Just 4 Clicks and it's off to Never Neverland... (That is so wrong, I cannot believe I said that)

Lars, I swear I never downloaded one of your songs for free of Napster because I thought it was wrong to steal another artist's songs. I mean, it's your art man. We deserve the privilege to pay for it.

I just dropped $40 on 4 albums. I mean dude, c'mon, Leper Mesiah (straight thrash the last 2 minutes) and Orion are straight up thrash dude and a great bridge to Damage Inc. Master of Puppets, all time best Metal Album if not the best album of all time. (Who's Next, by the Who is the best but that is for another post)

Or maybe... the sticker shock that I dropped $40 on Metallica tomorrow will finally start labor. 40th week is upon us. Maybe I'll crank this stuff up tomorrow when I am down here "working". Yeah that'll start it too.

Obey your master pulling the strings!!!
Vote Republican!!!

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