Monday, July 10, 2006

Fun with Search Engines

Well... not just Google Searches. I was bored tonight so I started spying on my visitors to see where they were coming from, so here is a list in random order:

  1. Eva Longoria and Republicans #5 on Google. Kind of funny if you think about it. This search lands on my post where I wrote about deciding to watch Eva Longoria on SNL or Bowling For Columbine. (I chose bowling)
  2. Jehovah's Witness Christmas Birthday Gift #3 on Google. Damn wikipedia, I wanted the top spot. My passion for despising J-Dubs and my Christmas Birthday all on one hit. This happens quite a bit. A lot of hits come from my Jehovah's Witness posts back in the day.
  3. Ikea Faucet fixtures #1 on Google. Yes, you buy an Ikea faucet and do what I do for a living (quiet Kurt :) ) and still can't put it together, than it ain't built right. Lawryde, you should go design those things so you can actually attach hoses to them without destroying it. Notice I beat Ebay. I rule!!
  4. Anthony Kiedis Phone Number #30-something on Google. (Maybe higher or lower now, especially with the link) This one moved around a bunch on Google but someone got here searching out in quotes "Anthony Kiedis" "Phone Number". Now why on Earth would I have that number. If I did, I call and say, "Dude, great voice, say hi to Flea for me and please, hire a lyricist because your lyrics suck" Your my priestess, I'm your priest? What the hell does that mean?
  5. BREAKING NEWS, Number 5 at Yahoo!, Install Ikea sink. This just happened when I reloaded stat counter. Looks as I am not the only one that was frustrated with the sink. The thing is though, I'd buy another one in a heartbeat because I know what to buy to install it. Just ask dudes, I'll tell you.
  6. Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses that are punk rock at #1 Google. Okay, so it looks like if you are a betting man, that I should write about Jehovah's Witnesses installing Ikea sinks that know Red Hot Chilipeppers songs about Jehovah's Witnesses. This is quite entertaining for a post.
  7. The rest of it comes from searching Snoop Dogg Translator, the Jeep Commander or Social Distortion stuff which is all generic. A lot of hits come from other blogs. Bring It On being the most popular with all the trouble I start. Steve's Blog appears with me being #1 on all major search engines. Google. Yahoo! Excite. (Screw MSN, that is not a real search engine, I am number 3)

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