Tuesday, August 01, 2006

40 Weeks, Copius Amounts of Neurontin and a Fine Chatom Sangiovese

The week of anxiety is near it's pinnacle. I am writing this post centered versus justified to the left because that is how I actually feel... centered.

Yes, the baby is due sometime soon and we're all just tickled around here. We got the IKEA crib all set, the diapers neatly stacked in rows of 4 across the IKEA Shelf I installed above the changing table, the bags packed, the cameras charged, the iPods loaded and a good book I started reading called "Teaching Your Cat to Bark" which is all about how people buy stuff.

I think we are just ready for the baby to come. With our luck, it'll come two weeks from now.

Just got back from the hospital tonight. Had yet another MRI and some more X-Rays. I found a doctor who agreed with the other doctors about not finding anything on the last one but who fully believes there may be something wrong, which at this point would be a blessing. No cancer or some crazy growth in my body, just something still causing pain. Hence, the copious amounts of Neurontin which actually are working. The doctor gave me a prescription the other day and it was 900 pills!!! 900!!! I was gonna line all the bottles up and take a picture for this blog but the camera is packed. The funny thing, it'll last around 100 days! Just over three months worth. I'll be back at Thanksgiving for another grip of pills. I have to take like 9 of these things.

I don't have any of the side of effects, which is a good thing because who wants to... fall asleep, shake and poop everywhere. (Kidding about the poop)
I do have minor feelings of Euphoria and if you have met me in real life, I can be pretty euphoric naturally. Yet, I don't know... sometimes during the day, I get all giddy. It's interesting!!

As far as the wine... well... there is a glass next to me so it goes into the title. I love these light red Italian wines from up in the foothills. Don't get me wrong Sonoma Valley has some good light reds. The Pinot Noir out at Valley of the Moon is just sick... But this Chatom wine for $14 is a bargain. Light sweet dry red... Hmmm-mmm good.

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