Thursday, August 24, 2006

Could I really be this evil?

So last night me and my crazy sister in law went out to Best Buy to return something and then look for a small refridgerator for her classroom this fall. Best Buy was actually smooth this time. Those of you can remember a year or so ago where I swore I'd never go back. I may have to again though because my video camera still does not work.

Anyhow, after seeing the horrifically over priced $150 fridge at Best Buy we decided to hop on over to Target.

This Target was super large compared to ours near our home and is laid out differently. We looked around for a few minutes and then we finally found our way to the small appliances.

They had a grip of small fridges. It was like the move in day at a dorm room with all the fancy different versions. Target had one for sale for like $75 and we could not find it. In that section we saw a little old lady looking for a fridge similar to the one we were looking for. She kept reading off the dimensions from her ad. She was old and frail and maybe 70 plus years old. Just kept right on talking to her self saying things like, "Oh shoot, where are you... 1.7 cubic feet... $75 c'mon where are you." She even showed us the ad. And there it was, right from the ad, the fridge she and I were both after and it was the last one. She was there first and well, if I was a kind hearted person, I'd have let her have it.

Nope. Not me...

I grabbed the thing from right out in front of her nose and tossed it on the cart and walked away to the check stand.

You snooze... you lose. I win. My kid is cute. I chuckled as she walked out the door empty handed while I loaded the thing into the back of the Hummer.

"She'd never get it into her car anyway." I thought to myself. "At least without help, Ah HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!"

We then saw the Planter's peanut truck outside the Target. Must have been for the state fair going on down the street. I think Lifehouse played there last night, but I am not sure.

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