Friday, August 04, 2006

The Due Date

Why do we put due dates on things? I pay my bills early. I have it down to a schedule... I pick a day and I pay. No yelling! No hassling from the wife. I enjoy having negative balances on credit cards too... They send me bills due -$13.71. Why can't they pay us 16.9% interest? And when they are late can I jack them for $25.00? Ponder that one for a while... that industry is laced with hypocrisy. I mean, if it isn't in our hands, they are using it aren't they? If we use their money they charge us interest. It should be the other way around if they owe us, right?

Milk has a date of expiration. Really similar if you think about it, it's a due date! The milk is due, man... to soon pound your sphincter into shredded beef after you drink it. Ever go over like 2-3 days? Have it be like the 3rd of August and like the you notice the date of July 30th on it after you filled your bowl of Capt'n Crunch, and you have like taken four bites. Oh you still finish the bowl, but you don't leave the left over milk for the cats. That vet bill would suck!!

Anyone else work for a large corporation besides one of my regular visitors with all those tattoos, not named Mike Ness, from Social Distortion? Ever have some pain in the ass boss come by and ask you for your "paperwork"? You know the TPS Reports that were due on Friday and that needed this new cover sheet? Yeah....mmmm kay. The corporation always changes what they want and when it is due. "Didn't you get the memo?", they say... I always wonder about corporate reporting because they hired you to do a job with a specific title that could be involved... something specific... like what I do or what that aforementioned tattoed guy from Peoria does. The job title doesn't say, paper pusher it says what you do. In my case I sell soap. I don't file paper...

I turn my stuff in before it's due though. Saves the hassle...

At the time of this post, it is also someone else's due date. August 5th. Good day... temps will only be in the 80's here in Sactown with no humidity! Sucks to be on the east coast there doesn't it? Anyway, I think the little dude is gonna be late. He's a bit stuck... Hopefully we get a clue or so in the morning so he does come today. It's his uncle's birthday... It's his great grandfather's birthday. It'd be a good day for him.

It's like watching a state worker in a way. We got this chick down the street who's job is simple: Crossing Guard. That's it! Orange vest, big red stop sign, look both ways, guide people across the street when it is safe. She's new... They used to have two dudes doing it that we're at least semi interested in their jobs. This one sucks though. She doesn't get the hell out of the way after she gets the people out of the median and acrossed the street. Stands right in the freaking lane. My lane. The person she crossed is just that: acrossed the street. Gone! Going the other way. And this lady just stands there looking stupid, like oh what do I do next! I freaking hate it... get out of the way. Move or something!!!

Did I mention this cross walk is for the two DMV buildings that are directly across the street from each other? No... they don't have one building, they have two buildings!! How convenient. All to give that lady with the orange vest a job.

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