Friday, August 18, 2006


Well... It's been a week and things are going remarkably okay. The baby is healthy. Some bouts of incessant crying for no reason which makes me wonder if he is going to be a liberal (snipe!!). But overall, the baby is doing well. This weekend I plan to help out a lot.

Difficult week for me managing my sleep. Still playing catch up to the 48 hour stint I did last week. Plus all the big wigs were in town. They were here on a "team building" thing which involved us joining them white water rafting on the American River. If you are managing chronic pain like I am... do not do this.

Taking this medication that blocks acute pain but not fatigue. No idea if I am hurting or not but still had a hard time getting up yesterday after the trip. Whatever I have going on, recovery is a bitch.

Hope to post some video here soon through my YouTube account. Elijah is a handsome little man. Gotta see those blue eyes!!!

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