Thursday, August 31, 2006

Something About Modern Times...

Ain't much time to be writing this evening. Been a busy, busy week. Something here seems to make it all during. Modern Times is "the" best Dylan Album ever!!! He sings on "Rolling and Tumblin":

I ain't holding back now and I ain't standin in anybody's way
Something tells me, when a 66 year old man with the career he has had, and the mythical pedestal people have put Dylan on all these years, he just wasn't messing around. He's not fading away or doing it for the money.

Best track on the album: "When The Deal Goes Down"

You like plain old rock n roll with a hint of blues where you can hear a guitar, a bass and a simple drum line shuffling under a "clear" Dylan vocal then this is the album. (You can totally understand him!)

Good stuff... go buy it!

Vote Republican!

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