Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Giant Turtle Invades Sacramento!!!

A photo taken of the turtle, standing nearly as tall as the flower pot behind him, some two feet tall!!! Note his massive physique!

A giant turtle was nearly struck by on coming traffic this afternoon as it walked down the middle of a busy street. A local Sacramento Woman, and reptile samaritan, got out of her "Turtle Rescue Humvee", stopped traffic and rescued the large reptile before some serious damage was caused.

"We were lucky today that the lady with the H3 showed up," a witness on scene told reporters, "Somebody could have gotten hurt! What would we do without those massive vehicles."

She was able to transport the beast, affectionately known as "Charles the Turtle", to the holding facility located at her home until "Reptile Rescue" could arrive on scene to care for the beast.

More photos below.

Bone crushing feet pummeled the black top!

With gaping jaws and bald head, "Charles the Turtle" was ready to strike in his holding pen.

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