Wednesday, September 20, 2006


On the verge of snapping this morning. I dodged many of bullets this week like actually sitting on a jury trial and wasting a week serving my "civic duty".

So I am sitting here having lunch, and I am just totally f-ing pissed about Hugo Chavez. Forget the whole Democrat/Republican thing, or whether you ride up on people driving Hummers and chastize them for using gas, or if you are Pro- or Anti-War. Who does this idiot think he is coming to America, standing up before the UN and calling an American President the Devil. My God! I feeling like burning his country's flag in street but I won't because I am civilized. I feel like fire-bombing the Venezuelan embassy but I won't because I am civilized. Yeah because I am civilized, I'll just write a blog post about it and that will be that. Who does this guy think he is? We should capture him, put him on a plane, and send his ass back the South America. Over... done! Except tomorrow he's gonna tour Brooklyn with one of the Kennedys. Is this really happening? Is this for real? Are we actually going to let this man see how freedom is supposed to work? Are there some politicians that support this guy? If it's not Bush then it's some other American President. The next American President will still be pro-freedom no matter who it is. The next American President will still be at war somewhere in this world. It doesn't end because Bush is out of office... When do we do something about this guy? Or the Iranian guy or whatever flavor of the month pops up.

Give it up already... send the dude home... Enough is enough!

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