Friday, September 15, 2006

The Psychology of Steve

So I went to the psychologist dude today and in a nutshell... (get pun?) there is nothing out of the ordinary with me.

The guy was totally gentle. I mean, seriously... you cannot prescribe a drug to a person that would make them this mellow. He spoke quietly and soft, almost apologetic. The guy sounded like the teacher from Beavis and Butthead. I kept thinking this the whole time which probably made me seem happier than normal because I kept trying to hold back a smirk or two.

Anyhow... I apparently need to sleep more. I need to find a way to get to the deep stage 4 sleep. I may not be there long enough because I have an irregular sleep pattern. I gotta figure out away to shut it down and night and knock it back a few notches before when I get home from work. This abnormal pattern contributes to the real physical pain I apparently am suffering because I get all tense and stuff through out the day because of the lack of sleep. He actually told me to sleep in the afternoon when I can. Yeah, that is possible...

Also he asked me to try some Oxycontin at bedtime. Of course, I perked up when he said that. I'd look really Republican to my friends then... Go Rush Limbaugh... He denied that I'd ever get that far but if I needed some more pain help to try that out. Yeah that sounds cool... hmmm.... Not!

I got a sleep chart and a list of herbal supplements for my diet to go home with otherwise. I guess it is time for the spinal tap er uh, Lumbar Puncture next to make sure I don't have some spinal fluid disease.

Kewl Beans!

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