Friday, September 29, 2006

No Need for Altruism...

I learned something about myself today. I took some psycho-analysis a few weeks back and had a two hour call regarding it today. I learned that I am fun, want recognition, intuitive, friendly, aspire to lead and can lead others well, artistic (explains the whole music thing), self-assured and think quickly. I am a traditionalist. But that all gets me into trouble and I am blunt, but we already knew that.


I scored extremely low in altruism. Which I find weird. Let Webster's explain:

"Main Entry: al·tru·ism
Pronunciation: 'al-trĂ¼-"i-z&m
Etymology: French altruisme, from autrui other people, from Old French, oblique case form of autre other, from Latin alter
1 : unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others"

Yeah, apparently this is not me. Supposedly if you are not my friend, nor can't help me in any way, I have a "Screw you" attitude. Which explains me running to the Hummer last night while getting a burger to avoid the pan handler who'd just take the money I could potentially have given him, to the liquor store to by a pint of Mad Dog 20/20.

Forget the fact, I donated to Katrina Victims and the Tsunami. Those people don't count I guess. Even all those clothes we specifically donated down there.

Nor, do I believe in the death penalty. I have written about this many times, the OJ acquital is why I am against it, no matter how sick and twisted the individual is or appears to be... We're always hearing about "new evidence" and dudes being let free after 20 some odd years ("Here comes the story of the Hurricane...") after we found out they didn't do it.

I mean, I scored in the 10th percentile in altruism. Maybe it's because I think every homeless person should just get a job or people shouldn't have kids if they are on drugs or can't afford them. I mean, seriously, people should take responsibility for their own actions if they get into trouble. I don't like government handouts... I don't like taxes that give money to lost causes. Handouts are a cottage industry.... we give employment to social workers to just help people... Not for me I guess.

It's all very interesting...

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