Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Tuesday Prediction.


Republicans keep the Senate and narrowly escape defeat in the House. That and Boston Legal will not be seen because every election now will have all major networks, CNN and Fox News on lock down watching vote counts come in.

Also on Tuesday, the sun will rise and fall just like normal. There will be stories of some disenfranchised voters, continued speculation of Lieberman's $387,000 petty cash fund and Harold Ford will refuse to concede defeat for three weeks because he'll want a recount.

In California 87 won't pass. 85, 88, 89 will. Measures 1a-e pass and the Kings will be moving to Vegas.

Then I am done with politics for a while.

And guess what, if the Republicans lose... it means the better team won. But still we'll always have the power of Voltron, defender of the universe at our side!

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