Friday, December 08, 2006

The Beer Incident

Tina, a frequent commentator on this blog, brought up how my treatment of people can affect my Karma (Id really, but...). She reminded me of a true story from around 11 years ago when I was in my final year in college. It'd be a great addition to bring story to this blog.

Here goes...

Back in 1996, before Kristen and I were, ahem, Kristen and I, there was an incident at a bar, at a ski lodge up in Calaveras County called Bear Valley. See, back then Kristen and I were "just friends". In fact, we really weren't even that yet. We were basically school mates that lived in the same dorm complex, who hung out with the same people. It was spring break and we were both home in Calaveras County with our families. We both were into music and guitars and we liked to jam together. Kristen plays. In fact, you could drop her in with the Pixies, The Cure or the Smashing Pumpkins and you could not tell the difference. So over the break we decided to get together and I would head 70 miles up the mountain to her parents house to jam.

While up there, we decided to head up to the snow and get a drink up at the bar. This bar brews its own beer called Snowshoe. It was a fun little trip up there. I think we rode in her old Ford Tempo up there because it was 4 wheel drive or something. Anyhow... I remember rocking out to Pumpkins all the way up there. Cool Stuff...

Anyhow, the ski season was winding down and there were quite a few people in this little bar. It was mid-afternoon. A lot of older people were there. They weren't old, they just were "older". Anyhow, so I go to the bar and ask the keep for some of the Snowshoe Red Ale. Certainly, he says..."but can I see your ID".

I complied...

There was this lady next to me, laughing and having a good time and she sees the keep, checking my license.

"Hey," she says, "How come he didn't check my ID?"

I go... "BECAUSE YOU'RE OLD!!!!"

She sat there, jaw dropped to the ground, much farther than Kristen's....

Then I look at her and say, "Seriously!!"

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