Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Season is Upon Us

I guess it becomes official when you get the tree up, the presents all bought and waiting for them to arrive from all the various online companies. I have been in a bit of a posting drought, even though I have posted a lot recently. Those posts were about nothing. Well except for the wine tour and the pain management thing.

Great morning. Crystal clear. Low 30's this morning topping out with a high around 58. Autumn leaves in huge piles all over the nieghborhood. The smell of fireplace smoke polluting our air. Huge lines at Costco and suprisingly, none at IKEA. It's all good! Maybe make a pot of bratwursts in beer today. Maybe the 49er's will pull it out today in New Orleans. And maybe, the Simpsons will actually be funny tonight.

Had to plunk down for a new router yesterday. Uploads are faster. We run with the fiberoptic service locally provided by a cable company. 10mb per second each way. It is sweet for movies with the new router. Triple band... N, G and B. Videos stream in about a second if the site is fast.

Good times... Enjoy this Elijah photo...

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