Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dear Old Lady...

Dear Old Lady,

Yes, it is I... the one glaring at you from behind in aisle 14 at Target. How you doing? Not good from what I can tell. I see you sitting here, purchasing those hangers, the boxes of Kleenex, that tube of hand cream and all of those damn gift cards. $175.13 is the total right there.

Listen lady, it is 2006 almost 2007. And over the years, technology has dramatically changed. And there is a handy little thing that was made 20 something years ago. It's called an ATM card. May I ask why in the hell are you writing a check? Let me ask you something else... Why did you wait for the total to get posted on the register before you opened that big ole "old lady" purse to find your check book? And why is it, that it takes you about an hour to write "Target" in the payee section before you complain about your arthritis. Then... you put your wallet away BEFORE the checker can see your ID. Imagine that?

Use the freaking ATM Card that I can see as plain as the morning sun, shining from the bill fold featuring your ugly assed grand child in various holiday poses.

Damn you, old people suck!! Get with the program, slide your card, tap in your secret code, pull your receipt and MOVE ON.

Happy Holidays,


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