Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Psychology of Steve, Part 2

Well... I had my second run in with a psychologist yesterday for all the pain that riddles my body daily. He's like... "Yeah that Vicodin, those sleep aids... They really don't do anything for you."

Yeah...ok... What is it with psychogists... they think they know everything. ('sup Tina!)

So, now I get to get hooked up with electrodes and sit in a chair for like a 1/2 hour to see if I relax at all. I really am not a stressful person, I am just difficult to be around in large doses. (Heh)

Then after Christmas, I get to go to a sleeping class to learn how to sleep more good. (lol more good) Apparently 3-4 hours I get a night aren't good enough. I swear to God, they re-run Blade Trinity on HBO like 4 times a week after 1 AM. I have seen it like 8 times now but never once all the way through. I turned it on the other day and I am like, "Hmmm... wasn't that blind chick in American Pie, why haven't I seen her before?"

Anyhow... back to the suck...


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