Monday, December 18, 2006

California Seeks to Improve Lethal Injection

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Yeah right, how the hell do you "improve" lethal injection? Use a gun? Cyanide? C'mon!!

And really, fat chance of that happening with ole Jerry "I live in a co-op loft in a bad part of Oakland, instead of warm and friendly Sacramento" Brown ringing in the new year as Attorney General, And we thought Bill Lockyer was a liberal, whoa shit dude!! By the way, ever see Jerry Brown's Eco-Friendly car back when he was governor of California? (see link). Where were you flower kids then with your, global warming eh? I bet that gets worse mileage than ole Arnie's Humvee collection...

Heh... Anyhow, this middle of the road, right leaning, abortion hating Republican would actually like to see the death penalty abolished in this state. Last thing we need is some dude, flailing wildly on the gurney (sp?) because the "injector" has a issues sticking someone, even guilty as hell, in the arm with a potent cocktail of death juice that may or may not work quickly.

Anyhow... I'm done... Go back to what ever it is y'all do...

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