Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Great TV in the Making!!!

You guys see what's going on?

As you all know, after 35 years, Bob Barker retired from The Price Is Right. God bless the man too. All those models he banged... All those fans he had loved him to death. He is/was a TV icon of huge proportions.

And then along comes Rosie O' Donnell.

"Oh hello, I WANT THAT JOB", she says on her blog. (To which I refuse to link her... go use "the Google" if you want to see it--and why is there a picture of Michelle Wie, first???)


I think it would be awesome to take a show like The Price Is Right which is nothing short of pure, controlled Capitalism and Consumerism and mix it with the star of extremist liberalism and socialist ideology.

Can you imagine this?

Totally gotta keep the Hole In One game but now it's sponsored by the LPGA.

Every contestant would get medical and health benefits for the time they appeared on the show for free. It would be remitted as cash back to them if they never used it.

You can take a game like Plinko and instead of winning money, you'll give what you win to the poor soul in the back of the audience that did not make up there because they were late or couldn't afford a ticket or because they were handicapped or too gay for TV.

Then you'll have wheel thing they spin for the showcase showdown and if the mid 30's white guy some how made it that far onto the show (since the show was now loosely based on Affirmative Action) he'd get only one spin and the old, retired, illegal alien would get three spins if they needed it. And that rule would be clearly explained to that individual in their native language that the mid-30's white guy would have no idea how to read or understand because he grew up speaking and reading our "official" English language in school.

And then once the Showcase Showdown would start... The prizes would be reviewed in three different languages, including sign. And there would be a Braille thing with smell that someone could attach to the TV. The winning car would be a Prius with a trailer hitch to pull a small one person sailboat with no room. All the furniture would be from IKEA and it would be pre-assembled by non-Christian, homeless shelters bought and paid for with tax payer money: from San Francisco.

So go on... hire Rosie O. Make my dream of a better America a reality. Besides... I want to see another trainwreck!!

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