Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Am Such An Ass... But There IS No Substitute For A Porsche!

Well... I got rid of the Hummer last night. It's gone. No more four wheeling over parking blocks. No more getting chastised by liberals who think they know how the environment works by watching Al Gore like the neo-cons know how we were all created by what Jerry Falwell said. I'll miss the Hummer but as one brilliant Beatle once said, "All Things Must Pass". (Darling Wife's carbon footprint is still 9.9 which is STILL a full 10 points lower than average where Al Gore says we need to be, Teeny)

Scratch off life goal number 276. I bought a Porsche, the Cayenne seen pictured above. (Heh, the cheapest one!) But still 295hp SUV that goes 0-60 in 7.5 seconds. A whole 4 seconds faster than the Hummer. The scary speed though occurs when you need to pass the old lady going 50 in the fast lane. Holy Crap! 50 to 80 occurs in less than a second. It's a real sports car disguised as a grocery getter. The white color is nearly the same as my 914. The interior color is nearly the same as well. Sort of a homage to my ole 1974... I can at least drive this new Porsche in the rain without fear of dying when I step on the brakes!

All wheel drive, four wheel disc brakes and like 8 air bags. It's got snow settings for those trips to Tahoe. The exhaust sound is unbelievable. Handling is crazy nimble. We even got seat and steering wheel heaters for those cool 40 degree mornings we get in the winter. I missed the BMW when we got the Hummer but with a child, how can you do it these days with all the crap you need to haul for the kid? I am glad to get that luxury back. This is the only car I have to buy for the family.

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