Thursday, June 07, 2007

Now The Trouble Begins..

It's like the laughter of the comic book guy on the Simpsons when Bart, Milhous and Martin fought over the rare comic book they pooled their money to buy.

Or even like the commercial where the couple is racing home to take a shower in their highly wasteful Kohler shower. Remember the lady is nearly naked pounding on the front door screaming "no fair you had it last time!"

I got home from a two day trip and last night I am like, "I am going to drive the Porsche around the park real quick." to my wife...

And she says, "Which one? The new one or the old one?"

I look at her knowing she can't drive the 914 because it's a stick and the seat doesn't move, and I am like duh... the new one, and I thought to myself, "Are you going somewhere?"

What a dilema? Which Porsche to drive? Gee... I don't know. The white one with the brown interior doesn't quite define it!

(I don't think I am gonna have many readers left soon!)

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