Saturday, June 23, 2007

Time Won't Let Me Go...: Some Analytical Thought

This is a huge mask on reality. Some people will say this an awesome song. Some will say it's okay. Others will hate it.

But I think they have it right in the lyrics. Everyone one of us have regret of not doing something in there lives and that moment past them by. And the rest of their lives they are like, damn... I should have done that.... Especially in those lines, "I never had a Summer of 69, I never had Cherry Valance of my own. All these precious moments you promised me I'd have in time, So where was I when I had mine."

You know something, I had the Summer of 69 thing, but actually it really occurred in 1997 for me. And I married the "Cherry Valance" of my own. (Mushy) But the line that sticks out is that "All these precious moments that you promised me I'd have in time..." There are some ugly things in life that kids go through in there late teens/early twenties years where after high school it's all just "gonna happen" and it doesn't for them. The video really points out how fragile life is, with a card house. Wasting your life watching TV, not getting out there, asserting yourself. You know, being an engineer or a chemical salesman.

I reluctantly took my career job in 1997 at 23. I moved away from home for the third time. During that time, I thought time had passed me by. I thought time wouldn't let me go... back. Go back through college. Choose a different major other than music. Choose something that I would have had more fun with like communication or business (which would have helped in what I am doing now). I could have hung with different people or whatever. But, the reality is I am what I am. I suffered that year out of college between 1996-1997 thinking I knew what I wanted to do and the only preparation I took was to load up my Toyota pickup, head to LA and look for a job. It sucked. I faced a point in October of 1996 where I chose to eat instead of paying a credit card bill. Never want to go back to that time ever. So at 23... did I find myself? Was I stupid though, regretting the mistakes I made for a few years after that? I only realize over the last few years that the year after I came back from LA, I found myself and had the best summer ever. 1997. On June 15th, I had my 10 year anniversary with my company. 10 whole years at one place. Do I sing, Time Won't Let Me Go now? Hell no...

I still love all these songs these guys write. Every band, existing now or up and coming like The Bravery here. Once in a while, these songs make you really think. No matter who writes them, what style they are in or what ever. Its obvious these guys (or gals) come from a more fucked up perspective than I ever will.

(But will my older sister in law actually click on the video this time :) )

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