Friday, June 29, 2007

Ragdoll Physics Lesson

Car Blows Red Light And Crushes Biker - Watch more free videos
See what happens when you hurry to get an iPhone. Dumbass!!

The iPhone is the most over-rated device since the iPod (which my wife and I can't live without) and luxury SUV's that go faster than most cars on the road (Porsche Cayenne in driveway). I don't get it. I used maybe 3500 minutes last month on my phone (yeah two zeros). Perhaps I have enough gadgets on my phone since it's one of those Treo's with the keyboard and shit. I drove by a Verizon outlet today and there was a grip of people in line, waiting to drop $500 on one of these invaluable pieces of plastic.

I gotta lesson for you. That dude on the motor cycle should have worn his seat belt. The other lesson, wait until the 30 gig comes out people. A 4 gig will only hold two movies. That's it! You won't have room for other stuff like... pictures of your kids or porn. (And you know you need that... not me though because I am a Republican)

Anyhow... this fad should subside by Christmas. And next year there will be something better like a time warp machine so you can go back and make your life better like in that Bravery song below. You know you want to go back and punch that guy who was an ass to you in gym class.

Have a good weekend y'all!!

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