Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's A Two Post Sunday...

The Naked Coffee Lounge

Be sure to read the one one below this if you haven't already. I thought I'd write again about this. You know me and my coffee and my whole standing in line thing, driving an SUV, voting Republican... my son Elijah... yada yada yada...

Well, during half time of the 49er game, which they won in overtime 37-31 with a fumble recovery for a touchdown... I took Elijah with me for a cup of joe.

Been to this place many times, either late at night or early in the morning. Never mid afternoon on a Sunday. So I park the Porsche outside, hoist Elijah from his car seat and head inside. There was a grip of people in there. All college age... dark clothing... dreads.. multiple sexual preferences... free spirits and I am like "Holy Shit... I hope I don't get jumped by a stoner for my Keen sandals."

Anyhow... I walk in. Elijah has a bright yellow shirt on that says "Born to be spoiled" and red shorts... We just got out of the Porsche... we are screaming capitalism which ironically these people don't even though they outfill the Starbucks acrossed the street three to one and fresh herb is procured in the most capitalist of fashions through an underground network.

I get to the counter and order my Latte and then stupidly ask if they take credit because I have no cash. I am such a dumb ass. I got the kid... We're out of place. No one is staring at Elijah because he is cute they are staring at him like "Get that kid out of here before he shits and cries all over, conformist!"

I waited for what seemed like an eternity for my coffee (really like a minute) noticing the stares and then I left. I should have put Fred 08 bumperstickers on the ground or something.

Cool place...great coffee and tea, NOT FOR A 15 Month Old...

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