Monday, November 19, 2007

Steve Joins A Cult!

One of the greatest bands all time: The Cult
Playing the Greatest Rock Song of All Time:
"Love Removal Machine"

I didn't join "The Cult"... I wish though because they rock the shit out. They were both before and after their time. I'd be pretty shit with dyed blond hair and a Les Paul strapped to my body. I wish I had a voice that good. That is a pure rock star voice... nice and strong and full but snarly as hell. Nothing prides me more when a Civic rolls up next to the 914 and I am blasting "The Cult" on my iPod.

The cult I did join however was Facebook. After a couple months of being egged on by a loyal reader, I joined. This after I was shown the way of the stalker by Teeny on myspace. Teeny doesn't have a blog or the time to blog apparently between the protests and hippie marches she does to the Birkenstock factory in Berkeley. But I hardly know her so WTF do I know, right Teeny? (Are we seeing you at Xmas?) But she showed me the lovely art of stalking. All those kids that teased me as a little kid grew up to be ugly and divorced and merely high school educated!! Redemption is mine!!! HA HA!!!

Anyhow... I signed up to facebook and immediately had 8 friends. How in the hell did that happen? It's like myspace but better. You don't get a ton of emails from hot chicks asking you to be their friends but what you do get is better stalking tools and games and shit. You have total control on your page with a bunch of user friendly stuff.

But can there be two centers of the Universe?

Well... in theory no... But in reality there is... We all know this blog is the center of the universe or "you people" (LOL I said "you people" like a Democrat) wouldn't stop by and read everyday. But the center of the universe now has a duel nucleus. My blog and my facebook page. I have been signed up since last week and I think it is the coolest shit ever next to this.

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