Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sweet Peaches...

The exact point in which Oasis peaked

I made it. Chalk up another state for ole Stevereno. Second time I have ever been across the Mississippi River. Actually the third if you count the time I flew over to England and picked up DW before she was DW (She was just D I guess... I didn't want to write DGF... oh forget it) and took her to Liverpool and asked her to marry me at some bar outside the Cavern Club where the Beatles first played.

I digress...

I had my iPod on shuffle and it totally synced to my flight. I had CNN on the screen and I just watched the news as flew across the country. I occasionally had to drop my head phones into the seat so I could hear what Wolf Blitzer was saying. News reporters are pompous asses sometimes. But it was cool, Hurricane by Bob Dylan came on while they were packing the lawyers in Pakistan into paddy wagons because of Musharaff decided cancel their constitution. Freaking amazing how a boxing story could fit along to that. Oasis's D'you Know What I Mean? played while Hillary Clinton was being interview because she got run by the fellas in her debate.

Occasionally I turned off the TV and played the trivia game. What's cool is you can play along to other people on the plane. We were on a 767 so there were a lot of people. One of the things I have naturally done well with is trivia. I played three rounds and won all three. The last won I killed. You have to answer 20 multiple choice questions and you get extra points for answering quickly. The first couple of games I only got like 7-8 questions right but I earned like 3000 points. The last game I owned and took it to the guys in row 33. I fuct these guys up with 5250 points. They only had like 2400. And two of them were answering questions so they had double the brain power.

First time I have been this far from Elijah since he was born. Kind of different because you can't just run to the airport and catch a plane on the hour back to Sactown from here like you can in the rest of California. I didn't sleep last night because of this flight. Not because of the length of the flight or any fear. I think it was the anxiety of sitting for 4 plus hours. I hurt as soon as my ass hit the chair. I always get the aisle and when we were first on the plane, I had a single serving friend in the middle seat with a red sports out fit head to toe. I mean it was RED. He looked like a gangster. He had all kinds of tats too. Not cool tats like Lawryde's sparrows but like tear drops and shit. I swear if they didn't move him at take off I might have thrown down because he sat right down and took my arm rest. He was playing Soduku too. I can't stand that game. All that erasing because they can't get the numbers right the first time.

I downed a Woodfire Bourbon shot and a vike... Never could shake all the pain though.

Atlanta's airport is severely compacted with people...

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