Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"My Wife's Gonna Kick Yer Ass!!!!!!"

Drunk Redneck Lawnmower Ride - Watch more free videos

It's starts getting funny at 2:30 and then rises to a full on laugh at 3:10

I swear I thought this was in Calaveras County until I heard the guy's accent. Even then though, he could have been riding down Southworth Rd outside of Burson or way up on Mountain Ranch Rd. I couldn't put my finger on it...

Teeny, DW, Kaya? Any ideas? Definitely not Wallace folk because they'd be on a John Deere not a Craftsman and the Buffalo Stop no longer has a bar. Even then, he'd be on a broken moped and would have prospector's gold mining gear on the back. Definitely not Arnold because there is no snow plow on it. Murphys folk have people do their yards for them. San Andreas? Angels? No big yards for grass... Anywhere else in the county, he'd be smoking weed and heading to the meth dealer's house, forget the beer!!! That just knocked off 90% of the county and those potheads would have ripped the engine out of this lawn mower and installed it in homemade go kart any way.

You really have to grow up in Calaveras County to understand this post. How did we learn to adapt to big city life, cable TV, "teh" internets and use "teh" google? How did we ever get to college let alone pronounce college? How in the hell do we still have our teeth? Did I just slam Bush again? Twice in one week? WTF?

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