Monday, December 08, 2008

Matt Damon: Oh the Irony of Liberalism

Hey remember a few weeks back when Matt Damon enlightened us with his brilliance (seen above) with his thoughts on Sarah Palin. Basically, he mathematically calculated with an actuary table that McCain would die in his first term.

Well.... I get it Obama won and we must all suffer the consequences live with the results as happy Americans.

But wait...

Guess who smokes?
I shit you not! Apparently the Savior himself likes to burn cancer sticks. (Extra credit if you notice who banned smoking in the White House... I wonder why? Ya think the smell of cigars "got to her"?)

Do you know what our chances are that Joe Biden is going to be our next President, Mr. Damon?

Hmm... lets see. The average African American man's life expectancy at birth today is 71 years. The average smoker loses 14.5 years off their life. That means, Obama's life expectancy is 56 years. Compound that with the physical stresses of the Presidency... Um... How long will Obama live?

Man... I hope this guy quits and fast but dude... seriously... if celebrities are worried about an Alaskan governor ever being President over a one term Senator is beyond me. Especially rich, successful, sexy actors like Matt Damon who make what 15-20 million a film.


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Anonymous said...

such enlightenment.And his qualifications to make these assertions are what......acting?
I still know more about Sarah Palin than Obama and the media makes sure it stays thay way.