Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I did something both stupid yet, memorable yesterday. I took Elijah sledding. Totally awesome. He loved going down the hills in my arms while he and I slid full speed down the hill bumping our away through little jumps on the packed powder. It was awesome. One of my best days with Elijah.

Then comes today. I am doubled over on the ground in massive pain in my back. Hurts real bad. I never should have run down the hills like I did and I am paying for it today. But it was so much fun and Elijah enjoyed himself.

Makes it hard playing with him all day. I finally got him to sit down instead of jumping up and down on Daddy's back while I call the doctor for help. And that is another story... I cannot wait until Friday because I get a new doctor and new insurance that day. I will have more freedoms to find my cause of "the other pains" I feel. Funny talking to the advise nurse though on the phone.

"Where is your pain?"

"Um... middle of my back between my shoulder blades.."

"So your upper back?"

"No middle back... at least that is what I call it..."

"Do you have any numbness in your left leg or arm?"


"Do you have shortness of breath?" She says urgently...


"Good... so did the numbness start with this pain?"


"When did it start...?"

"Um... Almost three years ago."

"Are you taking medication?"

"Um... yeah..."

"What kinds?"

Apparently not the good stuff because the shit ain't working...

"Um... Motrin... yeah"

"How many did you take for your back?"

"Um... like a few hundred or so..."

"AT ONE TIME?!?!!?"

"Um... no... 4 200mg today.., I have taken hundreds for pain over the past few years..."

"How long has your back hurt?"

"3 years... but like this, um... two days... It is a different pain..."

"What else do you take?"

"Lot's of stuff... why? Aren't you the doctor's office, don't you have records of this stuff"

It's like this every time I call the doctor. Because I have regular pain with no real or defined cause, I have to give like a life history of what I have done. And along the way, they think you have had a heart attack or suffered a stroke or are a med junkie or what ever.

They won't see me today so I get to suffer. At least this pain is so bad that it overrides the pain in my arm and leg.

I should change the title of this blog to 35 and dying.

Elijah and I are snuggled on the couch watching Elmo in Grouchland. Elijah impressed me today. I should him the name Elmo on the CD without saying it was Elmo and he was able to sort of sound it out. I said, what is this? And he read each letter. And I asked who's name? And he goes... ELMO!!

I was hoping that we could get haircuts together today but maybe tomorrow...


Papamoka said...

I hope your back gets better Steve. I know that pain all to well.

Did you delist Papamoka? That sucks bro!

Anonymous said...

Bummer. How about a nice warm bath in Epson salts. Once I was a guest at my nieces gymnastics class and I forgot how long it was since I was on a trampoline and did a drop twist seat . And after that warm bath in Epson salts I felt almost brand new. Temporary but at least I was out of pain for a while.
Last time I was sleih riding we were 3 on the sled and it went heel over head and I smashed my face on the ground and got a bloody nose. Now I am not so daring.
Hope you can find the source of your pain. It must really stink to be in that constant pain.
Happy New Year Little Steve!