Sunday, December 14, 2008

What To Buy The Boy?

I am stuck on gifts. I feel like I need one or two more for Elijah. I got him a bonding gift... A racecar track for he and I. I want to get a remote control car or helicopter as a fun toy to also play together with.

I got him one of those Elmo live dolls back in October when they came out. Tons of little cars too from when Mervyns went out of business. I just think there is something more. He'll be all clothesed out by my mom and his other grandparents. Plus I will fill a stocking with junk too... But I think there just has to be one more $30-$50 item he can get and enjoy for when he comes here.

Hmmmm.... Any ideas my fellow bloggers?

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Anonymous said...

Anything Fischer Price especially the Fishcer Price Garage. Never met a kid that didn't keep amused with that for hours.