Sunday, December 21, 2008

Windows Vista BLOWS!!!!

Never....  Never will I ever install Vista on one of my personal computers.

A relative was over with a new computer and they asked me to set it up for them.

I set up everything... my router and modem through my Apple, right?

Well... while using Vista to connect to my network, which is totally open because I live in the country and there ain't shit anyone can steal anyway.  You can't even probably see my network.

Anyway... I have it open because I can connect my iPod Touch, work computer, XBOX 360 or anything else without issues or having to find some damn key.

Not Vista though... fuck...

It wanted my router PIN.  Fine...

Then with one mistaken click...  It changed my network name, settings and made me have to enter a big ass password on every device...  Fuck that...  Then when I tried to find the password on the Vista computer so I could at least reconnect my other crap back up so I could fix the router, it said the Vista computer was not authorized to be the administrator.  Wait huh?  It changed all the settings to my router, but wasn't authorized?  And then Vista changed the way you find all that shit on XP.

After about an hour of frustration... I figured  out how to delete the network off of Vista and start from scratch after resetting the router.  

It's all good now but that Vista is a pile of crap...  Give me back my Mac OS.  At least it is user friendly for us novice computer geeks.


Anonymous said...

Well, why don't you try Linux then?

Ubuntu, openSUSE, Mandriva - they won't send you mad. well, ok, only a little bit.

Windows 7 is coming too, beta eithe r on Jan 5, 7 or 13, so the sites say. I think u'll find it's totally different to Vista in so many ways you'll wet your pants.



Steve said...

Eh... I am happy with the Mac OS because it is so user friendly. I can do without certifying drivers. I will be interested in Windows 7 if it lives up to what it is supposed to be. Windows made a good product with XP why change it so much with Vista.