Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Just write something....

As you can tell from my previous posts I am suffering from writer's block. I don't know what the hell to write about these days. I mean, seriously, my last post, I cut and pasted my freaking iPod Top 25 list as noted on my Mac Mini. What the hell was that?

I think I am burning up of lot of good energy being patient these days. My job is going well. The weather has been good. My letter to the landscaping company still farting around my house actually worked. It's amazing what contractors do when you push back. Nothing tells the story more than when someone over promises and under delivers. I mean those fools digging the holes and laying the bricks said they'd be done when we got back from Hawaii. Hmmm, that was the 11th... it's the 25th. They are behind and with the pending rain, hmmm... they may not make it to Halloween... Anyone wanna bet? Speaking of Halloween:


I rebuilt my stairs this passed weekend. It did it all by my little self. I used redwood so I didn't freak out the historical preservation society. (I used screws instead of nails!) My house is what's called a high water house, down here in Sacramento. It was built high because of flooding so the bottom level, which I use now for a garage and tv/family room/office/storage/wine cellar/whatever, was not filled in as it is today. The house is 95 years old (possibly older) as I mentioned a few weeks back. My stairs were rotting through, it was time to replace the treads. I thought it was time to fix them before the kids came by on Halloween for their annual begging at my doorstep for candy. FYI if you need razor blades and Halloween Candy, do NOT purchase these at the same time, at the same store. Not a good idea... Anyhow the stairs were a safety hazard and the kids walking up could have tripped. Knowing the liberals in this neighborhood, I could be sued for this on the grounds that it is the kid's right of free speech to come to the doorstep and beg for candy, in costume, and have fun. I'd be sued for the loss of fun if the kid tripped. Freaking pagan holidays. I was thinking about laying on the porch with a fake knife in my back with fake blood everywhere and have the front door wide open with living room all trashed. That'd be funny....

What else?

Oh... hey, we're going to Disneyland soon. We booked the tickets last night to fly. You can now fly to John Wayne Airport in Orange County from Sacramento. We're gonna have fun. Space Mountain has been redone so it should be cool.

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