Friday, October 07, 2005

Observations Part 27: Diane Feinstein: I had my chance and I blew it

The Southern Most Point of the United States. Hawaii
I took this yesterday afternoon.

So I am in the airport the other day, right? And I am walking out of a book store with my copy of the Economist and a 911 Porsche magazine. I was studying the cover of the magazine and not paying attention to where I was going and BAM!!!! US. Senator Dianne Feinstein. There she was, right there. I made a double take and she smiled when I said excuse me. I made the second look to be sure it was her. Still my wife and I couldn't believe it. We followed her to her gate. It appeared she had an assistant and some other lady following her. So I tailed her. Dianne walked along smiling and nodding at the few people that noticed her. I couldn't figure out who the other lady was but she was hammering the Senator on gun control. I heard bits and pieces. I even heard the lady say something like, "Take away military gun collections" but I cannot be sure. The lady kept going on and the Senator never made an audible response. The Senator's gate was next to ours and I watched as she waited for other people to board.

I was amazed by the lady hammering her. It must have been an ACLU lobbyist or lawyer. She was well dressed and looked educated but was right in Feinstein's ear the whole time.

Feinstein to me is better than that wench from California, Boxer. If that was the ACLU barking at her though, I don't need to see that first hand since the ACLU is the most irrational political group. Again, though I don't know what I heard for sure.

I know what I would ask though:

1. Why is Boxer so evil?
2. If you voted for the war, than why not show absolute support so we can end it sooner instead of watching the political process muck up our government?
3. Why in your mind was Roberts such a bad pick? I bet it wasn't over abortion, I bet it was a political stand right? Some Democrats with power just HAD to vote no, right? But then when he makes a good landmark decision that you lobbied for, you'll praise him right?
4. Why is Boxer so evil?

Enough of that... back to vacation. More pictures to be available here. Stay tuned.Posted by Picasa

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