Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tree Hugging, Hippy Crap!!!

It's as good as the one's at the concerts...

I went for a walk this evening to get some dinner. We do this a lot. Been warm here for late October so it was still like 75 degrees at 6pm. Anyhow, there is like this little grocery store around the corner that has a lot of good food. We cruised over with the dog and I went in. I bought a slab of fresh lasagna, some cereal, some bread and the little bucket of frozen crack above. Oh man, this is good stuff. Vanilla Ice Cream with some brownie dough and this raspberry swirl that'll keep ya trippin for hours after... Damn it's good.

On a lighter note, the season premiere of South Park was absolutely hilarious. My favorite part was the Spartacus parody at the end with the "I broke the dam" lines. I sometimes wish I had the vision they do, to look at the world that way and take a giant crap on the whole thing. At the point you think they are being hideous little liberals they start poking fun at liberals from a conservative perspective. Stan's dad, drawing the lines on the map was unbelievable! How do they get away with it.

Gonna go watch it again on TiVo with my bucket o'fun from Ben and Jerry's here...

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