Saturday, October 29, 2005

When liberals go bad...

Anyone paying attention to what's going on in California right now? We have vote coming up on November 8th on 4 ballot measures that have a chance to make real change for once in California.

Propostions 74, 75, 76, 77 have been proposed by Schwarzenegger to balance our budget, stop unions from spending money with out their member's consent, state redistricting to even out the vote and make politicians accoutable, a balanced budget that actually will help schools and revamped teacher tenure program that will increase the time need for tenure and will help a principal get rid of bad teachers.

See a full description here.

So why the "When liberals go bad" post. Thanks to "The Political Teen" blog and Michelle Malkin for picking this one up. This is a video of a protester at a "No on 74,75,76,77 rally". Now we all see the protesters at Bush speeches, Republican Conventions and so on and so forth. The people get their chance to speak and when they are disruptive, they are peacefully removed. Well the tables have turned on this one. Here is a Arnold supporter at this "No" rally and watch the security guard in the orange... Watch how these Stalinists stifle the poor woman. How sick is that? See video here.

Conservative thought is supposed to be bad, right? Then what the hell is this?? Where is the protection of the First Amendment here? It does not exist!!

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