Friday, October 14, 2005

Number 20,000 visited today...


Steve reaches 20,000 visitors

I am not one to celebrate meaningless milestones but in less than one year, (351 days to be exact) I reached the 20,000 unique visitor mark. I started this blog as a way to relieve some stress and to test some nerves and even acquire a nice little hobby.

What a little hobby it has been. You can learn a lot from other bloggers and get into quite a few heated discussions, which is what we all need in life, more discussion about the things in this world. I know I get a bit political, I try to be funny but I think the best comments I get are from when I get a little personal about my life. It's hard not to say so much personal because some whack job can come out and steal your identity or something. (Here is me).

Since now I have gone on blathering like a fool, I'd like to thank the following blogs in no particular order, because they are my daily reads and read mine almost frequently. (Sorry, I am watching!)

Bring It On (Gulp!) The most out-spoken, liberal blog on the planet right now. They hate me so much, they love me. I first drew an "attack" from them when I wrote about and how sorry their organization was. Then I discovered them over Terri Schiavo and the rest was history. Quite an interesting take on politics. For some reason they aren't always wrong. Just ask them, they'll tell you. Disagree, then DUCK!!! Hey it's one of my favorite reads... (Thanks for not booting me Bastard)

Stop The ACLU
The antithesis of Bring It On, Jay and Gribbit are great and are doing an awesome grassroots effort in getting the word out to stop the ACLU. Sure, the ACLU wants to help the little guy out, the little guy is just plotting to kill you, your neighbor, the President and stop you from being so free while sitting in his cell in Gitmo. Yeah, it's good to stop these communist bastards before they run the police stations.

The Kevin Show What's better than the youth of our country grasping the idea of conservative politics? This kid sounds a lot like Eric Cartman from South Park sometimes with his "die, hippy scum rhetoric" but it's glad to see someone young that is politically active. The best thing, he's from California!!! Awesome... (beat them Angels)

Pure Gonzo Engineering I think lawryde was pissed at me when he discovered my blog because of some political crap I had written. I think he gets me now. I sort of think by reading his blog he is me in bizarro world, without the cube face. He's got a baby coming, go donate!!

Michael The ArchAngel
This guy is a damn good writer and I just keep going back. I just get it.

Starfire Vince is funnier than hell. I just recently discovered his blog so I keep reading. I can't wait until he finishes the story about picking up a chick at KFC and going out on a Harley. About the funniest thing I read since his last post before that... and the one before that... and the...

Cao's Blog If you didn't hear it today on Rush you probably can about it here. Cao's got an amazing blog and posts way more than one person should in a given day. Never taking a day off, she can show you some incite that is far greater than the MSM

If I missed your blog... Sorry... I could go on for a long time. I wanna thank each and every visitor, even if for only 30 seconds.

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