Saturday, October 01, 2005

Observations Part 26: Wake Me Up When September Ends...

Green Day's Concert in Sacramento, last night!!

I am in serious pain this morning. My head feels like it's about to explode. The hearing may come back later. I don't know.... My ribs are bruised, my back hurts, my feet are killing me and my voice is dry and scratchy this morning. I've curled up with some Naproxen and a heating pad. It was worth it though... It was a very awesome concert.

Some friends of mine and my older brother went to the show last night at Arco Arena in Sacramento. Green Day always puts on a great show. I have seen this guys a few times and have been to dozens of concerts. This one ranks up with U2's Zoo TV Tour in 1992 and the last leg of the Elevation Tour U2 had and a Dave Matthews Show here at Arco some time back. The energy of the Green Day is unbelievable and their sound last night was explosive. Didn't care for the politcal bullshit they had to announce. I do admire their insistence on young people voting, but to "vote the idiots out" is a bit of wasted energy because one would have to know who the idiots are. The American Idiot, Billie Joe writes about is the guy that complains but didn't vote.

I felt old down there in the pit though my brother is like 5 years older down there with me. I was ready though. I pounded a few Guinnesses and some $9 Ale they were pedalling in the Arena. I wore my steel toed boots and I was ready to swing it if needed; there is always someone that likes to fight down there. Trick to rushing the pit or stage at a concert. Wait until it starts!!! So many people get down there early to get in front of the stage to "get close". As soon as a headliner like Green Day, hits the stage a wall of people will push you further in the center, spilling people on the sides out and making all the cry babies start whining. This isn't good for the early arrivers because they have been wasting energy getting their "spot" 2 hours before the show. As soon as the band hits, rush the sides!!! We did this last night and were in prime viewing along the rail, just left of center in the stage, counting pimples on Billie Joe's ass. 4 of us were locked down, front row in 3 minutes while the ruckus was being stirred behind us.

I'm hurting today though... I don't know what the hell happened or why my back and ribs are so sore. I mean, well, there is a bruise on my ribs that were smashed against the rail. I lifted a few people out that couldn't take it. I was soaking wet when it ended. My friend Josh looked as if he went swimming in his close.

Some of the high points, and there are too many to list were Green Day's solid performance of Jesus of Suburbia. Sounded like the record. Billie Joe also, as he does at every show, got some people up on the stage to play the cover of Operation Ivy's Knowledge. They gave the kid who was like 15 a guitar. I am sure it made his day. I got nailed in the face with a water gun from Billie Joe. The performance of "Wake Me Up When September Ends" was absolutely awesome. We all turned on our cell phones and the whole stadium was lit up by them. What a way to end September as well. Billie Joe's performance of Time of Your Life was really cool because he did it on an electric guitar.

Great fun... I'm feelin the pain though...

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