Monday, September 26, 2005

Observations Part 25: Spyware is stupid!!!

Anyone else get infected with that WinFixer 2005 crap? Microsoft Anti Spyware and Symantec Anti Virus both caught the damn thing before it downloaded and installed, so I thought.

The bitch installed anyway. So much for firewalls eh? It didn't hit my other stash of computers running around here, just this one. When I open IE to view a site I can't view with Mozilla it immediately sends me to an ad to buy Win Fixer 2005 and brings up some pretty serious crap about how "official" they are and that you had "better install it". I am smarter than that. My computer is usually pretty clean and doesn't have a bunch of installed spyware crap. I clean it often.

This thing is a pest. And it sucks. I am pretty good at figuring out my computer and how it works and can identify a malicious thing when I see it. I have followed Hijackthis's procedure and tried using killbox and even got help from Symantec. About the only thing I can do is identify the file and the registry key. I tried deleting the key in safe mode. It loads deep in Windows right next to the Google Tool Bar thingy.

What pisses me off most is that these people create this crap to fool people into buying their crap. It's a pretty heartless thing to do.

Any suggestions?

File name: khhec.dll

Key: O2 - BHO: MSEvents Object - {827DC836-DD9F-4A68-A602-5812EB50A834} - C:\WINDOWS\system32\khhec.dll

I can show the entire boot log if needed. Nothing else appears weird or wrong to me.

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