Saturday, September 24, 2005

I found this puzzling...

Pictures from an Archaeological dig

I found this while repairing some lights and electricity this morning in my basement. I know weird, a California house with a basement. Walk in even. I had two light fixtures that were busted and a few dead light bulbs. The entrance to my basement is behind my garage under the house. Kinda funky.

This photo shows our old electrical system that still is functioning alongside the new stuff, my vent pipe to my water heater and the black pipe that discharges waste water from our kitchen sink. I couldn't help but notice what is written on that beam: U. 14. F 1945

My house was built in 1910 or so they say. It could be older but there are only records of it since 1910 when the neighborhood became incorporated within the city limits of Sacramento.
I decided to type in the U. 14. F 1945 into Google and I got these results.

It's all related to geneology or dead people. Anyone know what this means?

I should have more pictures of my basement on my photo blog later this afternoon.Posted by Picasa

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