Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blender's 500 Greatest Songs since 1980

These lists always brew controversy and Blender still tries to keep up with Spin and Rolling Stone. They should stick to what they do best: Maxim

Anyhow, I read through the list and they almost made up for it by including 4 Pixies songs.

Here are a few songs NOT included:

Paul Revere Beastie Boys(Are they kidding?)

Sunday Bloody Sunday-U2 (This song is not a rebel song, this song belongs on the list! Honorable mentions: Pride, Bad and New Years Day)

South Central Rain-REM (More proof that everyone thinks REM's debut was GREEN. It was Murmur but this one was on Life's Rich's Pageant)

Personal Jesus-Depeche Mode (Even after the Cash cover, no live was given to this classic)

Time of Your Life-Green Day (I think this song made an impact on everyone except the staff at Blender that tried to look cool not putting it on the list)

21st Century Digital Boy-Bad Religion (Why would they include Sister Christian from Night Ranger and not this song!?!)

Paranoid Android--RADIOHEAD (If you would note, this would probably be a top 50 song on a normal person's list)

Story of My Life/Ball and Chain (tie)-Social Distortion. (I think these songs were played on the radio than any Pixies songs and were just as good as the Pixies songs. What's up Blender did Mike Ness not do enough heroin or have enough tattoos yet?) Speaking of which...

(Enter Song Here)-Red Hot Chili Peppers. (Did not see them on the list)

Song that was on the list that makes Blender's attempt at trying to compete with Rolling Stone even more obvious: Not Dark Yet- Bob Dylan.

Oh well, wait and see what Spin does next.

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