Friday, September 16, 2005

What's on your iPod?

An obligatory post for a hard working blogger. I have a pretty unique job but that is for another post. Stay off Interstate 80 on Friday afternoons, it's terrible!!

I got into this iPod thing a month or so ago when I went on that gambling spree and won all that money. I gotta say I love it. I mean, it's awesome. I only got the smaller one that holds like 1000 songs. It thought it would be entirely too hard to fit 1000 songs on it but soon I will be purchasing a new add on hard drive for the Mac Mini. That thing is so cool but that is for another topic.

I was browsing through the titles and I was kinda shocked what I threw on that thing. It can go from Emmylou Harris to System of a Down in one spin of the dial the back to Ben Folds then off to Social Distortion. Here's the percentage breakdown of genres:

25% Country (Previously mentioned Harris, Cash, Nelson, some Hank Williams)
20% Classic Rock (Zep, Bon Jovi, GnR, and Springsteen?)
10% Metal/Hard Rock/Alt ( Audioslave, System of a Down)
30% Punk (Ramones, Social D and Mike Ness related songs, Jawbreaker, Green Day, Riverdales)
15% Misc (Dave Matthews, Ben Folds, Bob Dylan, Bowie)

Suprisingly not one U2 song on my iPod which is odd for me. I plan to ramp up the Metal and Punk while adding all my Social Distortion music I own because Mike Ness is freaking awesome. I need to find my Ben Folds Live album because that thing rocks and he sounds good playing those Ben Folds Five songs by himself. I need to load some more Rage Against the Machine as well. My other favorites will need to get on as well, U2, Bad Religion and some Hendrix. Some Flogging Molly would be cool as well.

I think I just ran off the conservatives that read my blog....

Oh and if you have the iMonster Radio adapter the stations that work clean are 95.5, 106.3 and 107.7. 95.5 will get you through all of Sactown, the Foothills, Santa Rosa and Marin County. 106.3 in Napa, most of Vallejo and clear down to Oakland. SF is fuzzy. 95.5 is great pretty much through out the valley. I need to iPod my Porsche through the stereo. I am gonna get the Kenwood adapter for it. It will make the car go faster...

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