Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Michael Newdow: The poseur of the left

I turned the radio to 1530AM and what was Tom talking about. The imbecile from Sacramento. No not me or this guy, but Michael Newdow, father and atheist. He just got a court order to get the pledge banned at some schools because of the phrase "under God" in the pledge. Great idea huh? I am sure many a blogger or reader will stop and pat Mr. Newdow on the back.

Did you know he was shut down before? And it was a technicality that got him shut down at the ol' Supreme Court. Seems he didn't have custody of his child. Which....

If you are an intelligent observant person, like me, has noticed this is the EXACT reason he wants to avenge America and take on the pledge. His poor daughter... has a father that is not recognized by the law. So.... He just gets some other parents to join in his cause to ban the pledge this time, where it will easily get accepted, go to the Supreme Court and fail. Can someone just nominate Roberts so we can take this on. Meanwhile the other 98.5% of the population lives on. Half of them are wondering what the hell happened. Why couldn't he be a better parent and STAY MARRIED TO THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILD!!!!!!

Michael Newdow.... you un-American son of a bitch.

For fun I am gonna post my url of this post at his site.

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