Saturday, September 03, 2005

Observations Part 22: Steve gets a parking ticket.

Yesterday morning, I stopped by my house during work to get something. I needed something for work that I had forgot and left at home. In my line of work it is easy if you forget something to just head home and get it. Could have been maybe 9:45 AM. I got home, pulled into the driveway and ran inside. I pet the cat. Took a leak. Got a glass a water. I walked out and set the alarm and I was in the house maybe 3-4 minutes tops. I get in my truck and there it was. I thought it was a joke. I had a parking ticket on my truck. The funnier thing, I was in my drive way. Did I illegally park this thing at my last stop? Nope... the ticket had my address. Apparently I blocked the sidewalk.

I live on a narrow street and my house has no street parking in front. I also have one of those island strips on the street side of the sidewalk. I studied the ticket and my truck carefully. Ok, my bumper took up half of one square. Not any less than normal. I mean we have lived here for 2 plus years. I have parked a truck in my driveway nearly every day. I was dumbfounded.

Then I thought about it some more. I was home maybe 3-4 minutes. It took half that time to write the damn ticket. I mean it must have. You figure the cop didn't pull into the driveway to write it. They pulled around the side. They had to get their ticket book. Go to my truck and actually write the law down I broke because they did not have check boxes for the law I broke. The law I broke just happens to say that you can have part of your vehicle over the side walk if that part does not exceed 10 inches. So there had to be a process for that. Then to actually put the ticket on my truck, they had to enter my property. At the point where they had to place the ticket they were approximately 10 feet from my front doorstep. You think they could have knocked?

How the hell does this happen? I mean, do we have a rookie cop in our 'hood? Unbelievable.

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