Friday, September 09, 2005

More Authoritative Nonsense...

I was eager to write tonight but I couldn't figure out what to post. I visited my usual fun site, for the latest and greatest video or picture that I can see before someone that thinks they are cool enough, emails it to me next week.

I chose the title tonight because I think that liberals are very authoritative over the Hurricane/Iraq War/War on Terror/They're taking our rights away/Bush Hater-ploy they seem to use daily. This nonsense infects the media daily. I found proof of some of this on that lets you know how true this is. The following video link is a link to a Big Boys url of a CNN live interview with Vice President Dick Cheney regarding the hurricane. Listen carefully as Cheney speaks and some idiot runs up and drops a couple of F-Bombs at Cheney. Cheney doesn't even flinch but a reporter who wasn't listening to Cheney anyway has to interrupt the unphased Cheney and say, "Are you getting a lot of that?" WHY DID THE REPORTER HAVE TO REACT?!?!

Here is the link.

Some people lack courage....

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