Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Update: My Email to John Kerry Has Been Answered

About 6 months ago I wrote 2004 Presidential Election Runner Up John Kerry an email asking for an explanation about is disclosure he promised America regarding the full release of his military records. He did this on Meet The Press. (See Link) He hasn't released them yet but he did write the following:

Dear Concerned Voter:

Regretfully I have not filed Form 180 to release my military records to the public. The reason I have not completed the promise was because George Bush lied. The records don't exist, and Bush used the lie to deceive the American Public. It is a complete frabrication made up by Karl Rove and the Swiftboat Vets to cause record voter turnout over the Bush lie. In the past, record voter turnout favored the Democrats but not this time do to the over-whelming Bush lie. I never actually was in the military and my Silver Star was given to me because of the Bush lies during Vietnam.

Again I apologize for leading you down this road on Meet The Press because of the Bush lie.


Senator John Kerry

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