Monday, November 07, 2005

Danger Comes About at Famed Southern California Theme Park

Trouble found yesterday in Southern California. A new WMD has been created to hurt peaceful citizens of the world.From the cave ruins found in and around the Disney theme park in Anaheim, an colony of possible terrorists has been discovered.

Agent Smith of the FBI (see photo link) has been on scene since yesterday morning in search of the terrorist hide out located around the center of the park.

"We have found the existence of pathetic human life forms, developing and possessing the capability of turning this world up side down, in a mere instance that will be hard to fathom in the minds of the world's population," Smith was quoted.

Speculation as to what this weapon is or how it was created remains a mystery. Some witnesses have reported that the weapon is biological in nature and is developed in the appearance of the biggest fear from American folklore: Big Foot. Witnesses have also indicated that the weapon features a new genetic process formed by Cal Tech. The splicing of biological genes with radioactive laser beams capable of generating beams shooting 1/2 a mile at a temperature of 10,000 degrees Celcius, about half of the sun's temperature.

A man, who wanted to remain anonymous has produced the photo of the proported new weapon. He says he took the picture on the popular Disneyland ride, the Matterhorn. The photo shows the weapon to be a 7 foot tall human like animal with red lasers shooting from his eyes. The creature appears to be attacking riders on the north track near the proposed "Finding Nemo" ride. It has not been confirmed if this is Big Foot or the Abominible Snow Man. (For a closer look at the photo click this link)

"I escaped with my life," one woman, a Disney Annual Pass Holder said. "I was shot at and hit but the reflection of my 50th Anniversary Mickey ears deflected the lasers. It frightened me and my daughter so much, (I) decided I wouldn't ride on the Northern Side of the Matterhorn

Reaction from nearby Toon Town has been suprisingly quiet and calm.
"It's the signs of the times we're in", says local resident, Roger Rabbit. "It's not surprising that something like this has happened so close to home".

The children of nearby Small World were not harmed in anyway. The attraction was closed for repairs and upgrades. Many of the children were out of the park at home in their respected countries.

More news as it develops.

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