Sunday, November 13, 2005

The French Retreat: Where will they go?


Our Evil Cat Flea, I swear the dude is French

I was pondering this in a comment on another blog I visited last night. It has to do with the troubles in France and the riots. I was thinking about those troubles, the riots and unrest and it it dawned on me. Where will France retreat to? Someone should notify the foreign minister Quebec that they may see an influx of French refugees. 2008 is a long way away to for Jacque Chirac (what a cool name) to find an American President that might come to their assistance. It's a really deep thought actually. Where will they go? Reunion? Quebec? They ain't got much influence left.

Interesting, they may get the big "talk to the hand" from Bush and Blair if trouble gets any worse. Germany looks to no longer be their close buddy. Is Spain massing troops around it's border yet? Is there any room in Belgium?

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