Monday, November 14, 2005

The American Poseur: "In Newdow We Trust?"

Ah yes, I am writing another post about California's first class atheist: Michael Newdow. You remember him from some of my more famous posts like, "Michael Newdow:The Poseur of the Left" or this one "The Jesus of Suburbia is a Lie" and it's sequel, "The Jesus of Suburbia is a Lie, Part 2" (Yeah I stole a Green Day title but what are ya gonna do man, what are ya gonna do?)

Have you read the recent news about this genius? Get this... And it has been a few weeks since I had a rant like this, but get this... This guy, Michael Newdow, the guy who sued because his daughter had to say the Pledge of Allegience's classic line, "under God" (disregarding the fact that he lost custody of his child because he is an ass) is now suing the United States Treasury Dept because our money has the words "In God We Trust" and that the United States is "establishing" a religion by doing so. Read his little pledge here.

Where do we begin to start dissecting this brilliant idea? Well for starters, Michael Newdow should stop carrying paper and coin money. Seriously, why does he need to? He should only use credit cards, write checks and money orders. Nobody is forcing him to carry paper and coins with the words, "In God We Trust" on it. So right there, his argument is crap. I rarely carry cash myself; I use an ATM or Debit VISA Card for everything. Last I checked my credit cards don't say "In God We Trust" and neither do my checks, my credit card statements and my mortgage. He's a crazy loon, but that's ok, so am I sometimes.

But wait a minute, he is smarter than that!! He is going to declare that the words "dollar" and "cent" have been made religious words by the United States because of the 220-some-odd years of Christian worship hints that have been plastered on our money since day one. How brilliant is that? The ACLU, the9th Circuit Court and Ruth Bader Ginsburg I bet cannot get there little hands on this one. This is the exact reason the Democratic-liberal mentality is screwed up because they have people like Michael Newdow (and my friend Steve Pearcy) screwing their ideologies up with lame ass progressive thought like this "God" thing or plastering the outside of their homes with dead soldier puppets.

On second thought, Newdow may be on to something. He is putting the fear of God into the United States's money. This is going to raise the value of it. By making a stink of it, the Arab Oil countries are not gonna want "dollars" because they feature a Christian God instead of Allah. The price of oil will drop dramatically because no one in the Middle East is going to want our Crusader bills. Maybe there is some brilliance in this after all... I am off to buy a Hummer, it will be an investment.

My point to all this, is that America needs progressive thought as well as conservative thought to keep sort of a checks and balance type system to keep some sanity. It is absolute nut cases like Newdow and his little colony of corrupted minds that ruin everything for the rest of us. The 1st Amendment does prevent the United States from establishing a Church of America, ie. it's own religion. What it does not do, is prevent the United States from recognizing a supreme being or a God. There is a big difference in that. It actually tells those who come from foreign lands that your God or "religion" or lack thereof is ok in America. Regardless of what Newdow thinks, he should be glad he is not with the Taliban or North Korea or even China. Non-conformists can not fit in a totalitarian state. He should be glad we as a country have tolerance for him. He should tolerate the other 99.5% of the US, the one's who give him the freedom to be an ass, that don't care what our money has on it, as long as that yellow counterfeit ink stores use turns the right color when they take our greenbacks.

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