Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What to do when the ACLU sends you a postage paid envelope?

Business Reply Mail from the ACLU

Oh my God, can I have fun with this one. A self addressed stamped envelope to the ACLU. This came in the mail today addressed to us, thinking we would join: Not!!

Free all expense paid mail. Did you know, you can send anything with these? Like...
Landscaping bricks. I got a big boxes full of bricks that I don't need! What a way to dispose of them! Make them someone else's problem. Shove it in a box, strap this on the side with some wrapping tape and we're off. Hmm... California to Washington DC... I wonder what 10lbs of bricks would cost the ACLU??

Oh... I know... I still have my old muffer to my 914 Porsche. The thing weighs like 40 lbs and it's huge!! Oversized.... 40lbs... in a box... I wonder what that costs... Gotta be like 75 bucks!

OHHH!!!! Even better... Let's take donations and make them to Christian charities and to the NRA... in their name!!! Yeah, we can get together like some good donations and let's send them off and then send correspondence to the ACLU saying we did this in honor of them. Let's put a Stop The ACLU bumper sticker in with it...

Wow!! Christmas came early... I should thank them before they ban that holiday banned as well...

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