Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Post

Things I am thankful for:

I am thankful that Michael Jackson may take residency out of the USA. Although it looks like he found the correct bathroom.

I am thankful we live in country that includes people like Michael Newdow and Steve Pearcy (The Kindergarten Art Activist). I am especially thankful that I can freely show disgust and criticism of those two individuals, daily, if I feel like it, on this very blog. Without them I would not have as many topics to chose from and poke fun of. Special thanks to our troops who defend their right to be insane, dumbass idiots.

I am thankful that my parents have been married 40 years (in a week), did not get addicted to drugs, beat me senseless because I was "bad" or divorce like many of the other kid's parents I grew up with. Their success helped me succeed (or fail) at whatever I have done. Special thanks to my brothers for taking care of the beating me senseless part. You all are great role models.

Special thanks to the following blogs(in random order): Bring it on, The Donegal Express, The Kevin Show, Michael The Archangel, Stop The ACLU, Pure Gonzo Engineering, Vince Parker, Lingo Slinger, Cao's Blog and others I know I forgot to mention who come here and comment regularly. Links for these blogs are found on the side and I am typing this on my Mac so I don't have eons to cut and paste these. Like I said the links are on the side, except for Bring It On's (Theirs is on the bottom because they don't get enough votes. j/k)

I am thankful of all the others who contribute and don't have blogs. (That I know of)

I am thankful for the color blue and the letters P and H.

I am thankful that I just learned the chords to "Original of the Species" by U2. It is an amazing set of chords and that chord that jumps out on the line "You are the first one of your kind" is really an A minor, when the rest of the song is in A major. Speaking of which, I'd like to thank the imbecile that ransacked my truck last week and stole my old iPod. Without you, the chain of events that allowed me to finally discover that A minor chord would not have occurred.

I am thankful that my neighbors tolerate me and my race car driving. Air-cooled engines sound great with high flow racing mufflers. I need to paint the rest of the car flaming orange.

I am thankful that I can keep many hobbies going at once like, home improvement, playing guitar, golfing, my Porsche, blogging, figuring out this Mac, playing games and being a royal pain in the ass.

I am thankful my wife can tolerate my many hobbies with love and support, like unfiinished home improvement projects, guitars in every room, golf tees, balls and spikes in her car and around the house for that cats to play with, all the money used to keep the Porsche running, the incessant cries for her to read my blog and like it, this Mac, the iPods and "extras" I seem to need at any given moment, the 4 hour Civilization and insomniac computer sessions involving the Mac, the iPods and the "extras" and my being a royal pain in the ass.

Yeah, I am very thankful for the love and support of my wife.

I am thankful for iTunes. The new videos are great!!

I am thankful for the following alcoholic beverages slowly rotting my liver: Guinness, wines from Valley of the Moon in Sonoma, Knob Creek Whiskey and Elijah Craig.

I am thankful for my freedoms.

Oh and I am thankful my TiVo caught the new South Park tonight...late!!

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